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Dominion Chemical has, in the past, packaged small volumes of waxes and wax blends with a plate and frame slabber.   While we continue to operate this equipment we are now pleased to offer packaged slab wax from our large capacity Greer slabber.  In addition to volume and speed, the Greer slabber uses chilled air to solidify the wax.  This process eliminates the possibility of the wax being exposed to water during the packaging process.  Our Greer slabber offers uniform and consistent slabs that can be package into 60 lb cartons or slabs in 2000 lb gaylord pallets boxes.

Dominion Chemical has dedicated tanks and lines connecting to all of our packaging equipment.  We have dedicated blend tanks for the packaging equipment as well.

 From our small 2000 lb blend kettles to the 6,500 gallon blend tanks, Dominion Chemical is capable of handling orders of any size.
Dominion Chemical will blend, package and ship to fit any customer needs.

  Quality Control measurements are taken before, during and after every batch.

Dominion Chemical is confident we can meet or exceed your needs.  Give us a call for more information.

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