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Blending – Two 6500 gallon blend tanks allow us to blend waxes for our packaging line and/or for bulk deliveries simultaneously.

High Shear Blending – Both of our blend tanks are equipped to handle high viscosity mixtures

Packaging – High capacity Greer Slabber as well as Plate and Frame slabbing, drums and totes.

Bulk Wax Inventories – Bulk deliveries are available from our storage tanks or can be trans-loaded from rail cars.

Packaged Wax Inventories – A large variety of our waxes are available in LTL and FTL packaged quantities.

Wax Types

Paraffin Wax:
Comprised of mostly straight chain Hydrocarbons.  Melting points 120F-160F.

Fully Refined Paraffin Wax (FRP): Paraffin Wax with oil content <0.5%, + 30 color, FDA approvals.

Scale Wax: Paraffin wax 115F-150F melting points. Less than 5% Oil Content, > +10 Color, some FDA approvals.

Microcrystalline Wax:  Petroleum wax that has a larger portion of branched hydrocarbon chains.  Typically more flexible than paraffin waxes and melting point range of 140F-200F

Semi-Refined Wax: Unfiltered waxes that have the same qualities as refined and scale waxes except they are darker in color and lack FDA approvals

Slack Wax:  Unfinished Waxes, higher in oil content 10%-40%.  These waxes may have a distinct petroleum odor.

Petrolatum: Also known as Petroleum Jelly.  Softer waxes both in finished form (USP) and unfinished forms.

Natural Wax: Natural waxes include Soy, Palm, Hydrogenated triglycerides, Carnauba, Montan and Beeswax

Polymerized Wax: Chemically modified waxes typically used as additives in formulations and are used to alter wax specifications and or characteristics.

Synthetic Wax:  These include Fisher Tropsch,  Alpha Olefins, and waxes derived from ethylene and propylene.

Compounded Wax:  Combinations of the above waxes blended together for specific applications



Plastic Additives

Cable Filler



PVS Additives

Chewing Gum

Rubber Additives

Corrugated Containers

Rust Inhibitors




Therapeutic Waxes

De-feathering (Poultry)

Vegetable Coatings


Water Resistance

Dust Suppressant

Water Proofing


Personal Care

Fire Logs

Hair Care

Flexible Packaging

Skin care

Fruit Coatings

Lumber Treatment

Heat Therapy


Hot Melt Adhesives

Release agents


Ski Wax


Floor Care


Wick Wax

Oriented Strand Board


Paper Converting

Deck Treatment


Plant Grafting


Modeling Clay

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