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  Dominion Chemical: About Us

Dominion Chemical Company
P.O. Box 1069
2050 Puddledock Rd
Petersburg, Va 23804


Our production facilities are monitored electronically for quality control with back-up systems for all equipment. These facilities along with our home office, distribution warehouse and research laboratory are located in Petersburg, Virginia. This is the hub of Interstate 85, Interstate 95, adjacent to Interstate 64, CSX Railroad, Norfolk Southern Railroad, shipping ports both through Richmond and Norfolk, and international airlines at RIC Airport.

Dominion Chemical has many inherent advantages over non-family enterprises: stability, trust, resilience, speed of action, and the ability to sacrifice for the long haul are some of the factors that set us apart from other companies. We at Dominion Chemical are proud of our reputation to provide the quality products needed for our customers to consistently attain their goals, as our success is measured by our customers' success.

Dominion Chemical is also proud to say that we are members of the (CWC) Composite Wood Council of the CPA (Composite Panel Association), NAM(National Association of Manufacturers), and VMA (Virginia Manufacturing Associtation).

Company Background

Company Background

In 1964, Dominion Chemical Company, Inc. began with industrial chemical distribution and the manufacturing of acid electrolytes. These years of experience in chemicals and manufacturing processes gives Dominion the ability to customize each formula to suit the needs of the customer. Our customized services are provided to many different industries, each unique, therefore requiring innovative solutions. Research into water proofing for the packaging of acid electrolytes evolved into the present manufactruing process; that of dispersions and other polymer emulsions. Under our founder, Wilson M. Ferrell, many innovated formulas and procedures have been developed and patents have been issued. Since 1987 when Maclin Ferrell joined the business additional patents have been applied for and received. Research is constantly on going in order to stay abreast of the ever changing industrial activity in the field of wood science.

Mission Statement

Company Mission Statement

The most important business decision you must make is determining the products used in your production. By understanding that each application is unique according to the product and the facility, we can assist customers with product selection. Good communication is essential to a successful business. Consequently, it is imperative to have an open exchange of ideas to better meet your needs. If this means daily discussions, we would welcome them. Customer service is the major focus of our business. Dominion Chemical Company would be proud to serve you.

Our success is measured by our customer's success.

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